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Traveling to Disney Parks with Strollers

February 10, 2018




When you have young children, strollers are essential in Disney Parks.  Even older children that don’t normally use strollers at home are often seen in strollers in Disney Parks.  Our suggestion is to bring a stroller for any children under the age of 8 years old.  Older children may not use them the entire time, but when they get tired they will thank you.  Trust us on this!  The parks are very large and little legs get tired from all the walking you will do.  The average person walks 8 miles a day in Disney World.  Having a stroller makes everyone happier.  It provides shade, a place to put your touring bags, a place for a quick nap or rest, and  a place to eat a snack or watch the parade.  It also makes it easier to navigate through the parks.


You can choose to bring your strollers from home or rent one.  Whatever you decide here are some tips to make having a stroller in Disney Parks a bit easier for you.









Stroller Tips: 


1.  Personalize It-


Personalize your stroller so that it stands out.  There are tons of strollers in Disney Parks and many of the strollers are exactly the same or look exactly the same as yours.   We always put a stroller sign on ours, like the one we designed below.  Just add a clear plastic cover for rain protection  and some ribbon to attach it to your stroller. 




You can also add items like  ribbons, balloons, or glow sticks to decorate it.  Decorating it for a special occasion or holiday is fun too!   On our last visit, during the Christmas season we decorated our strollers will garland, jingle bells, and battery operated lights.  It was so popular that even a  Disney Squirrel wanted to ride in it!



2. Parking It-


There are designated stroller parking areas throughout all the parks.  You will not be able to take the strollers through the ride queues.  Cast Members often move strollers around, so that they can fit more strollers in the areas as they come in.  So if your stroller isn’t where you left it, don’t panic it will be in the general area.  Personalizing your stroller is very helpful when this happens.


*Do not leave anything valuable on your strollers or anything you can't live without.  Although rare, theft is a possibility.  For this reason, you may want to leave your stroller behind if it's extremely expensive and consider renting one.



3.  Rain Protection-

Even if it isn’t the rainy season, it is common for a Florida shower to pop up. We always feel terrible  for the families that come off a ride only to find that their stroller and all of their gear is soaked because they left the stroller uncovered.  Many strollers have rain covers that you can purchase, but we typically use inexpensive clear tablecloths and clothespins.  This method has worked very well for us.  It provides a lot of rain protection and the kids can sit in the stroller the cover is on.   It's very easy to take on and off or simply fold over so that the kids can get in and out of the stroller.


4.  Transportation-


When choosing which stroller to bring or rent you will want to consider which methods of transportation you will use in the parks.  Disney requires you to fold your strollers before boarding Disney’s Magical Express.  Your stroller will be placed underneath the bus in the luggage compartment.  When you use Disney World buses at the resorts and parks you will be required to fold your stroller before you board the bus and carry it on with you.  You will have to hold it on the bus.  For this reason, make sure your strollers fold easily and are light enough for you to carry onto a bus.  You will be able to roll the stroller onto the monorail and onto most boats. However, keep in mind when it’s crowded Cast Members may ask you to fold them up.




Do you have any stroller tips?  If so, please share them in our comments section.



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