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Disney Character Autograph Ideas

February 9, 2018



Meeting your favorite Disney characters is part of the Disney vacation fun!  For some, it’s the most memorable part of the vacation. It's also a great time to capture an exciting moment in a photo.  Getting autographs from a favorite Disney characters is the highlight for many children and can become a special keepsake for them to remember their trips.   ​



Here’s some of our autograph Ideas:


1. DIY Autograph Book


This is our favorite idea.  The characters make a big deal out of homemade autograph books and really love it when their character is in the book so that they can sign on their respective pages.


We have made several personalized autograph books for our children.  We've personally made them two ways, but there are so many ways to make them.  


1.  Index Cards- You can purchase white index cards from office supply stores or places like Target.  On your computer you can design a page with Disney characters on programs like Microsoft Word.  Then simply print the page you created on your index card using your printer.   After you print all of your pages you can take them to an office supply store and have them bound and have cover's laminated to make the book sturdier. This option is extremely time consuming, but it turns out really adorable and your children will love that you made it especially for them.  It costs us about $10 per book to make.


2. Store bought notebook- You can buy a plain notebook from places like Walmart or Target and then personalize it with stickers.  We put our children's names on the covers using letter stickers and then designed them with their favorite Disney characters.   On each page  we placed a character sticker.   We also leave blank page next to the sticker page,  so that we could put a photo of our child and that character on that page.  Our autograph books turn into a photo album when we returned.  We've done this with the index cards as well.  This option was easier and about the same cost as the index card option.  You can find letter stickers and Disney character stickers in many stores like Michaels, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  


Here are some of the books we have created :



2.  Photo Mat


You can buy a photo mat from many retail stores or online stores.  This is a nice option because it’s easy to carry in your touring bag and then makes a nice keepsake when you get home.  Put your favorite vacation photo in a frame with the mat and voila  you will have a great souvenir.  I recommend a 8 x 10 size mat.  


3.  T-shirt or hat

You can buy a plain hat or t-shirt or buy a Disney one.   This option is easy to transport and fits in any touring bag.  Just remember, characters will not sign anything that you are wearing.


4.  Tote bags


You can get inexpensive tote bag from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Just remember you will need fabric markers.  You can add your own embellishments to the bag too!


5.  Disney Books


You can bring your favorite Disney book and have the characters sign the pages.  There are so many books to choose from.  Little Golden Books have lots of Disney options and they are small and easy to transport.  Another option is the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters.  There are so many characters in this book and it’s fun for the characters to sign on their respective pages.





6.  Greeting Cards


This is another one of our favorites. 


If your trip is during a special occasion like a birthday, graduation, anniversary etc, bring along a card for the characters to sign to commemorate the day.  We like buying the oversized cards,  so there is plenty of space for everyone to sign. We found them at target.  We bought a Princess birthday card and a Star Wars birthday card there.  It’s extra special because the characters will make a big deal out of the special occasion you are celebrating and the children feel extra special. We bring along a clipboard to keep the card from getting damaged and it makes it easy for the characters to sign.







 *Remember to bring along pens or sharpies.  The characters will not have them.  We bring different colored sharpies with us to add some color to our cards and books.  




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