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The Best Age to Take Your Child to Disney World

June 12, 2017

One of the number one questions people ask us is "What is the best age to take your child to Disney World?" Of course, we say there isn't just one perfect age. Disney World is fun & there is magic for everyone at any age whether you are two or 92 years old.  There are pros and cons to taking children at different age levels and this changes based on your indiviual family.  No two children are exactly the same.  However, if we had to choose or if we were only taking our child to Disney World one time, we think that magic number would be about 4.5 years old.


Why 4.5 years old?


1. The Magic is Real- At 4.5 years old children really believe in the magic of Disney.  Everything is real.  When they meet Mickey Mouse, they believe that they are truly speaking to the Real Mickey.  When they step foot in Cinderella's Castle they believe that Cinderella and her Prince really live there.  Seeing your children's eyes light up when they experience the magic of Disney, is an absolutely amazing feeling as a parent and truly makes for some of the best family memories. 


2.  40 inches or Taller- The average height of 4.5 year old is 40 inches or taller, which means they can ride almost every ride in all 4 parks.  This makes it easier for parents who enjoy riding and means everyone can ride together as a family. It saves precious touring time too because parents don't have to use Rider Switch. Parents also get more bang for their buck because your children can ride more which means they are getting more value from their ticket.  


3.  Can Stay up Later- Although, the majority of children at 4.5 years old typically go to bed between 8 and 9PM, they can on occasion stay up later, especially if they want to see the fireworks.  The ability to stay up later means no one misses the spectacular night time shows Disney has to offer.  Once again, more bang for your buck and more magical experiences and entertainment for the whole family.


4.  Old Enough to Remember- If you are taking your child to Disney only one time, as a parent you will want them to remember it.  It has been my experience that 4.5 year olds will remember their trip to Disney World and they will talk about it years later.  Let's face it, Disney World vacations aren't cheap, so as a parent you want those precious memories you make to be remembered.

We would love to hear what you think is the best age to take your child to Disney World?  Leave your thoughts in our comments.

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